Caffè Molinari has been roasting hand-selected, artisanal Italian coffee for centuries. Now a symbol of premium Italian coffee around the world, Caffè Molinari remains loyal to its ethical principles and continues to be a leader in innovation. Caffè Molinari offers organic, fair trade coffee in a biodegradable package, so that you can enjoy your coffee and your planet for centuries more.

Compostable Packaging

In order to reduce waste, most of our packaging is designed to compost, including all components, inks, and additives. Packages marked with the OK Compost Vincotte logo may be composted at select composting plants. 

Organic & Fair Trade Certified

Our coffees are both USDA and EU organic certified. This means that our coffee is grown and processed without the use of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or other materials. Additionally, some of our coffees are Fair Trade certified, which means that our farms provide fair wages and safe working conditions.

Swiss Water Process

Our decaffeinated coffee is stripped of its caffeine through the Swiss Water Process, in which the green coffee is soaked in water. Instead of using chemicals or solvents, the Green Coffee Extract causes the caffeine molecules from the green coffee to migrate into the GCE, leaving decaffeinated coffee.